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The 2nd International Congress in Geriatric and Mental Health booked for the 22nd of June 2018 in Mealhada (Portugal), promoted and organized by Replicar Socialform is based on the same principles of differentiation and quality as the 1st edition. In the Geriatrics and Mental Health area are going to be approached the following themes: non-medical therapies, intervention programs in geriatrics and intervention programs in mental health and mental health in geriatrics in the national and international context. It will be a place of reflexion that will gather highly qualified professionals on those themes and, at the same time, it will be possible to publicize innovating projects on healthy aging and mental health. Directed to leaders and professionals of health, social and human areas that work with the elderly and mental health population and in an institutional context, that work in a community or clinical area. Professors and Students in these areas. On the social program of the congress, there is a snack where one can try the 4 Wonders from Mealhada – the water, bread, wine and roasted piglet.

[EN] Documentação: www.replicar-congress.org