MEMORY AND SENIOR BINGOS | Bingos de la Memoria and Bingos Seniores

57.90 €

Available only in Portuguese (Bingos Seniores: price 44,90 €) and Spanish (Bingos de la Memoria: price 52,90 €) // COGNITIVE AND SENSORY STIMULATION / Memory and Senior Bingos, through their originality and identity focused in the elderly life experiences, promote their abilities, specifically in the cognitive and sensory areas, in a playful and interactive way. They also promote sharing and interaction between the group elements. It includes 4 different bingos, namely the text of “Viagem ao Passado” (Trip to the past) that allows reminiscence, as well as an instruction guide with several use possibilities and suggestions. Author: SUSANA HENRIQUES / Validated by: JOAQUIM CEREJEIRA and ENRIQUE PÉREZ SÁEZ / Recomended by: CEAFA