BOOK OF THE PAST AND THE PRESENT | Livro do Passado e do Presente

Available only in Portuguese (Livro do Passado e do Presente) // REMINISCENCE THERAPY / Book of the Past and the Present – it’s a tool conceived and adapted to portuguese culture and adapted to the characteristics of portuguese population, supported by scientific evidences of the benefits of this no drug therapy in interventions with the elderly population and adult population with neurocognitive disorders. This therapy has been used in cognitive stimulation programs and it was associated with better cognitive functioning, behaviour, humour, wellbeing, quality of life and reduction of depressive symptoms. This book has 9 themes, 64 different cards and also two narrated stories. It includes utilization recommendations and suggestions, as well as references and professional opinions about the importance of Reminiscence Therapy in the geriatric context. / Author: SUSANA HENRIQUES / Important note: this cognitive stimulation tool is mostly practical (with exercices and activities). It provides a small scientific theoretical framework to facilitate the comprehension of the therapeutic principles and methodology associated with the Reminiscence Therapy.

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MEMORY AND SENIOR BINGOS | Bingos de la Memoria and Bingos Seniores

Available only in Portuguese (Bingos Seniores: price 44,90 €) and Spanish (Bingos de la Memoria: price 52,90 €) // COGNITIVE AND SENSORY STIMULATION / Memory and Senior Bingos, through their originality and identity focused in the elderly life experiences, promote their abilities, specifically in the cognitive and sensory areas, in a playful and interactive way. They also promote sharing and interaction between the group elements. It includes 4 different bingos, namely the text of “Viagem ao Passado” (Trip to the past) that allows reminiscence, as well as an instruction guide with several use possibilities and suggestions. Author: SUSANA HENRIQUES / Validated by: JOAQUIM CEREJEIRA and ENRIQUE PÉREZ SÁEZ / Recomended by: CEAFA

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MEMORY ROULETTE | Roletas de la Memoria and Roletas da Memória

Available only in Portuguese (price 41,90 €) and Spanish (price 44,90 €) (ELDERLY COGNITIVE STIMULATION – This game was developed for elderly cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation, it has several utilization possibilities to promote the elderly logic reasoning and memory. It has different suggestions of intervention, either individual or in group, divided into Math, Portuguese or Spanish and DDA’s exercises / Author: SUSANA HENRIQUES / Validated by: JOAQUIM CEREJEIRA / Recommended by: CEAFA.

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REHACOM - Cognitive Therapy

Rehacom offers complete solutions to train cognitive domains, either for healthy people or people with brain damage, and in several contexts; clinical, institutional or at home (teletherapy). Cognitive rehabilitation programs demand that the training is guided by goals according the specific needs of each patient. Cognitive rehabilitation is based on the principle of brain plasticity, which is the brain’s ability to compensate and adapt to trauma or brain damage. Thus, cognitive training with Rehacom aims to replace or compensate the damaged domain. Rehacom system offers different individual solutions for computerized cognitive training. Available in several modules, that cover several cognitive functions.

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SENIOR WORDS GO FISHING | Pesca das Palavras Sénior

Available only in Portuguese | COGNITIVE STIMULATION AND EYE TO HAND COORDINATION / This game combines the intellectual and the eye to hand coordination, through a set of activities and possibilities, strategically designed to do so. It allows the training of memory, language, logic, attention, concentration, manual dexterity and interaction between the group, introducing itself as an instrument of motor, mental and psychosocial maintenance, contributing to improve the elderly general functioning / Author: SUSANA HENRIQUES

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