Our mission achievement is embed on a team of trainers with work widely validated and recognised, where there must have indispensable evidences.

We have a team aware of the new challenges under geriatrics, in order to develop backup tools to a Qualified Geriatric Intervention.

Our trainers team

Enrique Pérez Sáez

Cognitive stimulation programs to dementias

Neuropsychologist and researcher at CRE Alzheimer of Salamanca; teaching at USAL/ISMT


João Apóstolo

Geriatric evaluation

Coordinator Professor and Coordinating Research Projects at ESEnf of Coimbra

Oscar Yepes Rojas

Neurological Physiotherapy

Professor of neurological physiotherapy and researcher

Rosário Zincke dos Reis



Susana Justo Henriques

Active Aging / Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation

Neuropsychologist, General Director of Cediara, Professor, Scientific and Pedagogical Coordinator of Replicar Socialform