Our mission achievement is embed on a team of trainers with work widely validated and recognised, where there must have indispensable evidences.

We have a team aware of the new challenges under geriatrics, in order to develop backup tools to a Qualified Geriatric Intervention.

Our trainers team

Enrique Pérez Sáez

Cognitive stimulation programs to dementias

Neuropsychologist and researcher at CRE Alzheimer of Salamanca; teaching at USAL/ISMT


João Apóstolo

Geriatric evaluation

Coordinator Professor and Coordinating Research Projects at ESEnf of Coimbra

Oscar Yepes Rojas

Neurological Physiotherapy

Professor of neurological physiotherapy and researcher

Susana Henriques

Active Aging / Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation

Neuropsychologist, General Director of Cediara, Professor, Scientific and Pedagogical Coordinator of Replicar Socialform